The Bohlen-Pierce Symposium
First symposium on the Bohlen-Pierce scale, Boston, March 7 – 9, 2010
Basica: If some kind of intelligent life form…

Constantin Basica: If some kind of intelligent life form would find the Voyager Golden Record that we sent in space and their audio playing device would “translate” everything by default in Bohlen-Pierce scale, then… (2010)

Constantin Basica was born in Bucharest/Romania in 1985. He received his Bachelor’s Degrees in Composition and Orchestral Conducting from the National University of Music in Bucharest, having Dan Dediu, Doina Rotaru and Cristian Brancusi as his professors. As an Erasmus scholar he studied for one year at the University of Music and Theater in Hamburg with Fredrik Schwenk, Peter Michael Hamel and Christof Prick. He returned there in 2008 and started a Master’s program in Multimedia Composition with Georg Hajdu and Manfred Stahnke.
Constantin’s interests in music are very diverse, ranging from being a conducting teacher at the “George Enescu” High-School in Bucharest to having concerts with his electro/techno band. His compositions include acoustic pieces for solo instruments, chamber ensembles and orchestra, a few of them being honored with prizes in Romania. Lately, he has been focusing on studying algorithmic composition, while trying to create his own electroacoustic pieces.