The Bohlen-Pierce Symposium
First symposium on the Bohlen-Pierce scale, Boston, March 7 – 9, 2010
Arturo Raffaele Grolimund


Arturo Raffaele Grolimund was born in Solothurn/Switzerland, and studied flute in Winterthur and Hamburg with K.H. Zöller, and had master-classes and private lessons with Jaunet, Nicolet, Graf and Galway.

He wrote instrumental and computer compositions as well as theoretical works about flute music by Bach and about fractals in music. Arturo gives solo jazz performances, performs with various jazz and classical groups, and has given concerts all over Europe and the USA. He has received several privately and publicly funded prizes, most recently the Werkjahrpreis of Kanton Solothurn/CH and lives as a free-lance musician in Hamburg.