The Bohlen-Pierce Symposium
First symposium on the Bohlen-Pierce scale, Boston, March 7 – 9, 2010
Richard Boulanger


RICHARD BOULANGER was born in 1956 and holds a Ph.D. in Computer Music from the University of California at San Diego. There he worked at the Center for Music Experiment’s Computer AudioResearch Lab (CARL) and composed the first ever CMUSIC composition entitled “Two Movements in C.” Since then, he has continued his computer music research at Bell Labs, CCRMA, The MIT Media Lab, Interval Research, Analog Devices, and IBM.  He has collaborated, concertized, lectured, and published extensively with Max Mathews (Radio Baton), Barry Vercoe (Extended Csound & most recently on the $100 OLPC laptop ‚Äì, and John ffitch (Csound5). Boulanger has premiered his original interactive compositions at the Kennedy Center and appeared onstage performing his Radio-Baton and MIDI PowerGlove concerto with The Krakow Philharmonic and The Moscow Symphony.

His music is recorded on the NEUMA, Centaur, and Stanford University labels <>. Boulanger has been teaching at The Berklee College of Music for more than 23 years now, and his students are all over TV, Radio, Computer Games, Films.  Currently, Boulanger is a Professor of Electronic Production and Design.  His contributions and work have been recognized and honored with Berklee’s “Faculty of the Year Award” and previosuly with the “President’s Award”. He has published articles on computer music education and composition in major electronic music and music technology magazines, and has lectured worldwide. For the MIT Press, Boulanger has authored and edited “The Csound Book: Perspectives in Software Synthesis, Sound Design, Signal Processing and Programming.” For the past ten years, and with contributions from a number of the leading teachers, researchers, and programmers in the world, Boulanger has been working on another major textbook for MIT Press (3000+ pages) which will be out in the summer of 2010 and which is called – “The Audio Programming Book.”