The Bohlen-Pierce Symposium
First symposium on the Bohlen-Pierce scale, Boston, March 7 – 9, 2010
Ron Sword

Instrument Builder

Ron Sword is an experimental intonation guitarist and author, who builds his own instruments and as a luthier owns a guitar company specializing in microtonal and just intonation guitars. Sword plays just intonation, and microtonal equal pitch-space division guitars as well.
Sword currently resides in Florida, and makes his living as a private guitar instructor and head luthier of Sword guitars.
He currently has over 40 private students (about 1/2 microtonal), and teaches BP guitar, as well as the equal tunings 15, 16, 20, 21, 24, 31, 41 and others, from his own scale and theory books he has produced to explore the harmonic resources in both Just and Equal systems.