The Bohlen-Pierce Symposium
First symposium on the Bohlen-Pierce scale, Boston, March 7 – 9, 2010
Shechter: BP Piscium Star Fragments

Adam Shechter: BP Piscium Star Fragments (2010)

Adam Shechter – Laptop
This is my first Bohlen-Pierce composition.  I’m using MaxMSP in combination with Csound recorded into Logic, on OS X. The title of the piece refers to the planet BP Piscium, that I found about accidentally seaching the internet.  This star has a giant disk of matter spinning around it as a result of a stellar collision and merging of two stars.  Perhaps that could be a metaphor for this composition, which is an experiment in absorbing a new tonaity and system of organizing pitches, yet composing a piece that I consider familiar and my own.  I’d like to thank Dr. Boulanger for his guidance and for presenting me with this opportunity.
The star BP Piscium (center), in the constellation Pisces. The green and red streaks are jets of gas shot from the star. The image was obtained using the 3-meter telescope at the University of California’s Lick Observatory.
Credit: Marshall Perrin, UCLA Astronomy (formerly UC Berkeley), and James Graham, UC Berkeley Astronomy

Adam Shechter is a last semester Electronic Production and Design student at Berklee College of Music.  Adam’s interest in music began at an early age while taking piano lessons, switching to guitar in his early teens.  While playing in rock bands, he got exposed to Kraftwerk and electronic music, a passion that grew with time.  After completing an audio engineering program in Washington DC, enrolling at Berklee College of music was a natural step for him in his musical journey.