The Bohlen-Pierce Symposium
First symposium on the Bohlen-Pierce scale, Boston, March 7 – 9, 2010
Köszeghy: UTOPIE XVII (chochma)

Pèter Köszeghy: UTOPIE XVII (chochma)

for bohlen pierce clarinet and CD [2009/2010]

The series „UTOPIE“ which are exclusively written for solo instruments all have the common goal to exceed musical borders. In number XVII that is the point with the audio-physiological phenomenon with the Bohlen-Pierce clarinet itself.. Because of the novelty espacially for Western ears the music itself moves in a strange galaxy. To emphasize the speciality of these sounds I also use a CD to be played along during the piece.

„…and chochma emerges from nothingness…” (Job 28:12)

Chochma is one of the ten sepiroth of the Kaballa which represent the creative powers of god. Chochma has the meaning of „the potential of what is“ or „the potential to be“. It is in a state of constant  flux between being and non-being.

Since 1976 studies in recorder and flute, exam in 1992. (1985-98 at “Bartók-conservatory” in Miskolc/ Hungary; at “Academy of music F. Liszt” in Györ, Hungary). Private studies in composition with A. Remènyi and E. Olsvay; member of the “group of young composers” Budapest. Since 1993 studies in composition with Prof. P.-H. Dittrich and electronic music with A. Bartetzki at the “Hochschule für Musik H. Eisler” Berlin. Prize-winner at the composition contest for guitar and woodwind instruments (2. guitar festival Berlin) with Monoxylus. Exam in composition, since then freelance composer in Berlin. First prize of the International Composition-Competition “Biennale Neue Musik Hannover 2001” – première “Zen-Gesänge” with the Hilliard-Ensemble in Hannover