The Bohlen-Pierce Symposium
First symposium on the Bohlen-Pierce scale, Boston, March 7 – 9, 2010

Sunday, March 7, 2010, 8 pm

Northeastern University Fenway Center

Free admission


Todd Harrop
Calypso for 2 Bohlen-Pierce clarinets (2008)
TranSpectra Ensemble:

Amy Advocat, clarinet
Tilly Kooyman, clarinet
Todd Harrop, percussion
Rick Sacks, percussion
Yvonne Ng, dance

James Bergin
Liebesleid (2010)
Amy Advocat, BP clarinet

Roger Feria
Re: Stinky Tofu for Bohlen-Pierce clarinet and bass clarinet (2010)
Amy Advocat, BP clarinet
Stephen Davidson, bass clarinet

Anthony De Ritis
Five Moods for Bohlen-Pierce clarinet and tape (2010)
Amy Advocat, BP clarinet

Stratis Minakakis
Anacharsis I for Bohlen-Pierce clarinet, violin, percussion (2010)
Amy Advocat, BP clarinet
Samantha Bennett, violin
Gary Weaver, dumdek


Peter Hannan
No brighter sun: no darker night for chamber ensemble (2009)
TranSpectra Ensemble:

Neal Evans, conductor
Marion Samuel-Stevens, soprano
Amy Advocat, clarinet
Tilly Kooyman, clarinet
Shane Neill, cello
Rick Sacks, malletKAT
Yvonne Ng, dance

Julia Werntz
Imperfections for Bohlen-Pierce clarinet (2010)
Amy Advocat, BP clarinet

Katarina Miljkovic
For Amy for clarinet & electronics (2010)
Amy Advocat, BP clarinet

Klarenz Barlow
Pinball Play for 4 Bohlen-Pierce clarinets (commission, 2010)
Amy Advocat, Tilly Kooyman, Ákos Hoffmann, Nora-Louise Müller, BP clarinets

Monday, March 8, 2010, 8 pm

The Berklee College of Music Fenway Building, RM F12

Free admission



Richard Boulanger
I Know of No Geometry (1990 revised 2010)
for solo Radio Baton and Csound5

Richard Boulanger, Mathews Radio Baton
1. Introduction to Geometry
2. Fractal Geomentry
3. Euclidean Geometry
4. Geometric Solution

John Pierce and Max Mathews
Sea Songs Phasered (1963 revised 2010)
Max Mathews, Phaser Filters Software

1. Original Sound File (1963)
2. Phaser-Filtered Sound File (2010)

Steven Yi
Reminiscences (2010)

Curtis Roads
Purity from Clang-Tint (1994)

Louis Cohen
Homage To Cage 2 (2009)
Lou Cohen, Laptop Operator

John ffitch
Universal Algebra (2010)

John Mallia
The Larches (2010)
John Mallia, laptop

David Wessel
BP Compatible Spectra (2010)
David Wessel – The CNMAT SLABS Performance Interface & Laptop


Arturo Raffaele Grolimund
Folk Tune – Improvisation (2010)
Arturo Raffaele Grolimund, Bohlen-Pierce Pan Flute

Ron Sword
Three Compositions for Bohlen-Pierce Guitars (2009-2010)
Ron Sword, BP Guitars

1. Free-Improvisation on 9-string Bohlen-Pierce Guitar
2. Stretched-Chromatic Etude for 13-tone Bohlen-Pierce Classical Guitar
(aka Bohlen-Pierce Timbre Study no. I: 3:5:7)
3: Stretched-Ultra-Chromatic Etude for 39-tone Triple Bohlen-Pierce Classical Guitar
(aka Triple Bohlen-Pierce Timbre Study no. III)

Elaine Walker
Two Songs in the Bohlen-Pierce Scale -
1. Love Song

Elaine Walker, Sonome/voice
Richard Boulanger, Sonome/BP piano
Daniel Sedgwick, percussion
Marji Gere, Violin

2. Stick Men
Elaine Walker, BP-tar
Richard Boulanger, BP classical guitar/Sonome/BP piano
Ron Sword, 9-string BP electric guitar


Northeastern University Music Tech Student Ensemble
Half The Plate (2010)
Andrew Cush, Dean Russell, Edward Young, Ian Battenfield Headley, Zach Zukowski, laptops

Sofia Borges
Ilustre Desconhecido (2010)

Constantin Basica
If some kind of intelligent life form would find the Voyager Golden Record that we sent in space and their audio playing device would “translate” everything by default in Bohlen-Pierce scale, then… (2010)

Jose Dario Quiñones A.
BigPot (2010)


Jinku Kim
Color Me Grey (2010)
Jinku Kim, Monomes and Laptop
Richard Boulanger, LaunchPads and Laptop

Jacob Joaquin
Fragments (2010)

Tim Lukens
Permutations (2010)
Tim Lukens, Laptop and MIDI Controller

Diane Douglas
Spectrum of the Last Eclipse (2010)

Mike Moser-Booth
A Place Between Dark and Light (2010)
Mike Moser-Booth – guitar & laptop

Adam Shechter
BP Piscium Star Fragments (2010)
Adam Shechter – Laptop

Seiya Matsumiya
The Melting Sun (2010)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010, 8 pm

Goethe Institute Boston

Free admission


Georg Hajdu
Beyond the Horizon for 2 Bohlen-Pierce clarinets and synthesizer in Bohlen-Pierce tuning (2008)
Nora-Louise Müller, Ákos Hoffmann, BP clarinets
Hubert Ho, synthesizer

Manfred Stahnke
Die “Vogelmenschen” von St. Kilda. Duo for 2 Bohlen-Pierce clarinets (2008)
Nora-Louise Müller, Ákos Hoffmann, BP clarinets

Fredrik Schwenk
Night Hawks – dark scene for Bb clarinet and Bohlen-Pierce clarinet (2008)
Nora-Louise Müller, Ákos Hoffmann, clarinets

Pèter Köszeghy UTOPIE XVII (chochma)
for Bohlen-Pierce clarinet and CD (2010)
Nora-Louise Müller, BP clarinet

Peter Michael Hamel
Die Umkehrung der Mitte for 2 Bohlen-Pierce clarinets, viola, marimba and vibraphone (2008)
Nora-Louise Müller, Ákos Hoffmann, BP clarinets
Annette Klein, viola
Rick Sacks, percussion


Owen Bloomfield
When the Ravens Descend for soprano voice, soprano and tenor Bohlen-Pierce clarinets (2008)
Marion Samuel-Stevens, soprano
Tilly Kooyman, soprano BP clarinet
Stephen Fox,  soprano and tenor BP clarinets

Sascha Lino Lemke
Pas de deux for Bb clarinet, Bohlen-Pierce clarinet and electronics (2008)
Nora-Louise Müller, Ákos Hoffmann, clarinets

Arash Waters
Little Duet for Bohlen-Pierce Clarinet and Cello (2010)
Tilly Kooyman, soprano BP clarinet
Shane Neill, cello

Johannes Kretz
HOQUETUS II for 2 Bohlen-Pierce clarinets and live electronics (2009)
Nora-Louise Müller, Ákos Hoffmann, BP clarinets

Rare Current*†
Emily DoolittleBody of Wood for soprano, Bohlen-Pierce clarinet, cello, percussion
Jascha NarvesonWire for 2 Bohlen-Pierce clarinets, percussion
Gayle YoungCross Current for 2 Bohlen-Pierce clarinets, Bohlen-Pierce recorder, amaranth, percussion

Marion Samuel-Stevens, soprano
Stephen Fox,  Tilly Kooyman, BP clarinets
Shane Neill, cello
Rick Sacks, Todd Harrop, tritavophone/percussion
Gayle Young, amaranth
Neal Evans, stredici
Reinhard Reitzenstein, multimedia artist

* consists of three works by different composers incorporating video projection by multimedia artist Reinhard Reitzenstein; includes unique Bohlen-Pierce instruments: stredici (string instrument), tritavophone (percussion instrument)

†Rare Current:
created with support from the Region of Waterloo Arts Fund
Body of Wood by Emily Doolittle:
commissioned with assistance from the Canada Council for the Arts
Wire by Jascha Narveson:
commissioned with assistance from the Ontario Arts Council
Cross Current by Gayle Young:
commissioned with assistance from the Ontario Arts Council