The Bohlen-Pierce Symposium
First symposium on the Bohlen-Pierce scale, Boston, March 7 – 9, 2010
Dan Sedgwick
Composer, percussionist
Dan Sedgwick recently graduated with his doctorate in composition from Rice University, where he studied with Kurt Stallmann, Anthony Brandt, Karim Al-Zand, and Shih-Hui Chen. Dan’s recent works include instrumental chamber music, rounds and other vocal music, music with spoken text (both chamber and orchestral), and electronic music, including work with recorded and synthesized sound, as well as animation.  His works have been performed by the Auros Group for New Music, the Apple Hill Chamber Players, faculty of the Apple Hill Summer Chamber Music Festival, the Keene Chamber Orchestra, the Houston Boychoir and the Eupraxia Arts Collective.  As a pianist, Dan has spent the past twelve summers at the Apple Hill Center for Chamber Music studying, performing, and coaching chamber music in a variety of capacities (as a student participant, guest artist, and faculty member). In the past two years, Dan has been expanding his performing experiences to include
singing, puppeting, and playing a variety of instruments with composer/performers Marji Gere, Jacob Barton, and others as the performance group “An Exciting Event,” as well as performing electronic disco/pop on synthesizers and vocoder with the Kelley Polar live band. Dan currently works as a teaching assistant at Harvard University’s Music Department.  In addition, he collaborates with Marji Gere to create and perform weekly music and puppetry events at the Charlestown Working Theater in Charlestown, Massachusetts.